This is Hostel at Panchgani
Please submit your comments on the draft training guidelines of the front line staff.

   Capacity Development for Forest Management & Training of Personnel

Project activities proposed are as follows

Items Activities
1. Activities for Strengthening of Training System
  1. Creation of Steering Committee and PMU
  2. Revision of Training Guidelines
  3. Preparation of sample course materials and teaching notes
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
2. Rehabilitation of Training Institutes/Schools 1) Rehabilitation of Training Institutes/ Schools of target states
MoEF would provide grant to target states selected by Steering Committee.
No of STIS to be rehabilitated: 27
No of STIS to be constructed;3
Target states rehabilitates their institutes/schools along with own "Training Improvement Plans".

2) Improvement of Infrastructure of SFSC Dehradun Conference Room, Gust Rooms.
3. Trainings
  1. Master Trainers Training
  2. Training of Trainer
  3. Training for Field Staffs
4. Supporting Activities Appointment of Experts
  1. PMU
  2. Experts to be sent to target states
  3. Master Training